Splitting axe-sharpening – how to sharpen an axe

Since it is not an easy task to sharpen an axe, it will take some practice, letting one gain the proper experience needed for doing it correctly. One would need to learn what equipment should be used, as well as other devices needed in order to perform the sharpening procedures correctly.

The tools needed for the splitting axe sharpening

There are many different choices in grinding equipment, for sharpening your axe, that will be suitable for this type of axe. What more, one should be familiar with the sharpening of all devices. The pressure and the angle of the edge to the stone is important. It is easy to make the cutting edge dull if it is done the wrong way. One should never sharpen an axe using the Schleifflex, it is too fast, and gets it too hot, and this leads to losing the steel. Doing so will only continuing making it dull, and also useless. In order to sharpen the splitting axe like a pro, it is best to keep it away from the Flex.

You should either commit to sharpening your cutting edge with two stones or else leave the job to a professional. A course grinding wheel with a fine stone should then be the way to grind it. There is also the Flex that is available, however, one should make sure not to let the Flex disk revolve for long periods of time on the steel. Let the disk come into contact with the axe loosely, with short strikes. If the steel turns blue, you have already messed up.

In conclusion

People use different methods in which to sharpen an axe. However, it would be better to use a device in sharpening your axe that allows the angle to be adjusted. Then you will always know that what is in the green area is correct. The best way to go about sharpening your axe would be to either use all the right equipment and/or devices for the job, or you could call an experienced person, one that specializes in the sharpening of your type of axe.

So remember, it is possible to get back the original sharpness of your splitting axe by using the correct equipment and/or other devices to it in the correct matter. This can even be performed at a lower cost than you would have imagined.