Survival Hatchet

If you are the outdoors type, then having a survival hatchet can help in many situations where survival is important. Where a knife is great for cutting things, or carving, an axe can be used for those and to actually split the wood or cut it down, just to name a couple situations. There are different types of survival hatches available though, so choosing which one is best for you is also important.

You want to look for several things, such as size and weight. If you’re already carrying stuff, adding something heavy will wear you down in a survival situation. Though, you may need something with a little weight depending on the situation. Below are several types of survival hatches.

SOG Base Camp Axe

This is a mid-weight survival axe that was designed for durability and to last. The forged axe head has a cutout feature that will reduce the friction when chopping. The back side has a flat poll which allows you to use it like a hammer if needed. It’s got a thermal molded handled made from rubber to give you a strong grip as well. It only weights 2lbs, and 16 inches in length.

Estwing Hatchet

This hatchet sheath may say “Made in Taiwan”, but the blade and it’s self is American made right in Illinois. It’s a great survival axe that is available in Lowes and Home Depot. It’s one of the more popular axes in the U.S and the design is nice as well. It has a leather grip , only weights 1lb 12oz and it’s 14 inches in length. The price is also lower than other survival hatchets.

The Gerber Gator Combo

If you’re planning on a long trip to the outdoors, this may be the axe you want to look into. It is a combo that not only provides the axe, but also a hidden knife because you never know when a knife will be your next best friend. The design helps to save space by creating the knife slot right into the axe. It weights just under 24oz, with an overall length just under 9in. The knife blade is 7in.

It’s a good idea to think ahead, not only for the trip you are planning, but in case something goes wrong and you get hurt, lost or simply stuck for some reason. Having an axe designed for survival situations can be very important. You never know when you need to chop a tree down for shelter, hammer something in or hunt for food.  You might not want a survival hatchet, many don’t they prefer a survival knife.


Rambo knife as a survival knife?

Instead of an axe or a machete you could try a knife for survival purposes.  The bigger the knife the better and they don’t come much bigger than the Rambo knife.  The Rambo 2 knife is my favorite.  If you want to learn more about the Rambo 2 knife or the other types of Rambo knives such as the Rambo first blood knife click here.